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For an authentic taste of stone-baked pizza, look no further than the Cadac Pizza Stone.

Cadac Pizza Stones absorb and retain heat excellently. When you place a pizza on the stone it extracts the moisture from the dough, resulting in that perfectly crisp base we all know and love.

In this blog, you’ll find tips on how best to clean and maintain your pizza stone, plus some of our favourite recipes for your Cadac pizza stone.

Pizza Stone and Pizza Stone Pro

There are two types of pizza stones in the Cadac range: the ‘regular’ pizza stone and the Pizza Stone Pro. The Pizza Stone Pro has an aluminium deflector tray that works as a heat spreader. This ensures that the Pizza Stone Pro evenly distributes the heat across the entire surface. The ‘regular’ Pizza Stone has a chrome-plated wire holder, which makes it easy to place and remove the pizza stone from the BBQ. 

How to clean a pizza stone

Now you’ve devoured your pizza, the pizza stone should have cooled down. To clean the stone simply use a (damp) cloth after each use. For any stubborn residue such as burnt-on cheese or toppings, use a metal dough scraper or spatula.

A pizza stone should never be immersed in water. Cadac pizza stones are made of a very porous material the stone will absorb the water and can easily break during the next use. Avoid using cleaning products such as washing-up liquid to clean the stone, this will be absorbed and could result in soapy tasting pizzas next time you cook!

pizza on 42cm Pizza Stone

Stains and discolouration

It is perfectly normal for the pizza stone to darken and discolour over time. Any dark stains result from oils or sauce that spill onto the stone. This does not affect the taste of the next pizza you bake on the stone. Think of it like you would a cast iron skillet – a pizza stone will perform better with time and seasoning!

Do’s and don’ts

Here is a list of all the do’s and don’ts for cleaning and maintaining your pizza stone in the right way:

1.             Let the pizza stone cool down before cleaning it

2.             Never immerse in water or use washing up liquid

3.             Use a metal dough scraper for removing burnt-on bits

4.             Stains and darkening is the seasoning of the stone – it’s completely normal

5.             Pre-heat your BBQ from cold with the stone in place

6.             Use a coarse flour or semolina powder to dust the stone and help prevent the base from sticking

7.             Cook on low heat and remember to shorten the cooking time for each subsequent pizza – the stone retains heat excellently!

Our favourite recipes for the pizza stone

There’s so much more you can do with a Cadac Pizza Stone – try making bread, pastries and even pancakes on your pizza stone. This Roasted Mediterranean Tart is a delicious veggie recipe that will be sure to impress everyone – even the meat eaters!

For us you can’t beat a classic Margherita – juicy tomatoes, fresh basil, and creamy mozzarella cheese! Try this recipe for this classic pizza.

Need to rustle up the kids a camping snack? Try these speedy pitta bread pizzas – you could even make sweet pizzas using Nutella, marshmallows and strawberries or any other toppings you like.

If you’ve more time on your hands this tasty sausage pizza is packed with smoky roasted peppers, aubergines and sausage slices.

View even more delicious, quick and simple Cadac recipes here.