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6 delicious vegetarian recipes to cook on your Cadac BBQ

From stuffed mushrooms to cauliflower steaks – and more, these vegetarian recipes will fire up your barbecued veg game, and take it to a whole other level.

Top tips to elevate your veg on the BBQ

1. Stay seasonal! Vegetables that are in season give maximum flavour, plus it’s not as expensive buying out of season produce.

2. Experiment with flavours – try a smoked paprika rub on thick slices of cauliflower, grilled until starting to char. The Cadac Tapas Dishes are perfect for making seasonal leeks with lashings of tangy cheese sauce, or add some roasted sweet potato to your next curry for a sweet and sour taste.

3. Vegetables don’t release fats and juices like meat does, so it’s important to lightly oil the BBQ Grid or cooking surface on your BBQ before cooking. Why not try infused oils to inject extra flavour, such as chilli, garlic or truffle flavoured oils? Remember to select an oil with a high burn point, such as rapeseed or avocado oil.

4. BBQ with the lid on, this will maintain the heat and reduce the cooking time on the BBQ, a bonus at this time of year when it’s still cool outside.

6 mouth watering veggie recipes

Cheesy, pesto tear and share bread

Squash & Chilli Fritters

Stuffed portobello mushrooms

Spicy roasted cauliflower

Goats Cheese & Leek pancakes

Courgette, brie and honey tart

Get creative with exciting veggie BBQ recipes to wow your guests. Do you have a great veggie barbecue recipe to share with us? Tag us on social media @cadacuk or email us hello@cadacuk.com!