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Quick, easy, tasty recipes for campsite cooking

Cooking on the campsite can become a bit stale sometimes, we all love burgers and bangers, but sometimes we just want something a bit different. There is no reason to limit yourself when camping, our Modular Cooking Surfaces allow you to break traditional boundaries of campsite cooking. BBQ, grill, bake, steam or fry….the options are virtually endless!

However just like when you’re at home, we all love a quick and easy meal, with minimal washing up afterwards. Here are some easy camping meals for you to try on your next camping holiday.

Whether you’re staying in your motorhome, tent or caravan, these simple meals require very little prep, take less than 25 minutes and are all absolutely delicious. Meaning you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time worrying about the next mealtime.

1. Steak & Stilton Wraps

Ready in just ten minutes, these tender steak and tangy stilton wraps make a great lunch. Prep is minimal but you can even get pre-sliced beef strips to make it even easier!

2. Speedy Campsite Carbonara

A comforting but simple dish, this is perfect for rustling up after a days exploring when you return the to the caravan, motorhome, camper or tent. From pan to bowl in 20 minutes, it doesn’t get much better.

3. Roasted Pork & Red Pepper Wraps

This take on a Greek souvlaki from Marcus Leach is super quick and tasty, and makes a great snack, lunch or dinner. We guarantee this will become a staple in your campsite recipe book!

4. Brunch Bagels with Avocado & Bacon

What’s not to like? Bacon, eggs, avocado, and a toasted bagel! Set yourself up for a day exploring the local area, these brunch bagels can be cooked on any Cadac BBQ, use the BBQ Grid, BBQ 2 Plancha or Grill 2 Braai or even the Paella Pan.

5. Tapas Dish Meatballs

You can make virtually anything in the Cadac Tapas Dishes! These mini meatballs make a great light supper and are so easy to make. You can make the sauce spicy by adding some chilli flakes or keep it mild for a family campsite meal that the whole family can enjoy.

6. Sweetcorn Jalapeno Fritters

Tangy cheddar cheese, spicy Jalapeno peppers and the fresh crunch of sweetcorn, these Sweetcorn and Jalapeno fritters make a great brunch or snack and are sure to tickle the taste buds. Why not give them a try next time you are on the campsite?

7. Sweet Chocolate and Marshmallow Pizza

What camping meal is complete without some toasted marshmallows. These tasty sweet pizzas are fun for everyone to make, perfect for watching the sun set by the tent, camper or motorhome.

Why not try these recipes next time you go camping? Make sure to tag us on social media using #cadac for a chance to be featured on our page! And if you have a great camping recipe, tag us #cadac or email us at hello@cadacuk.com!