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Extend al fresco dining with our late summer!

September and October appears to be providing the summer sun we all craved in July! The summer holidays are over, however that does not mean that the BBQ season is also over. You might not want to pack the BBQ away just yet as we are expected to enjoy a wonderful Indian Summer.

Recipes for a perfect Indian Summer

Make the most of our late summer with some tasty new barbecue recipes, why not try something new rather than sticking to the classic hot dogs and burgers. We have selected some below that are all quick and easy to cook, perfect for a BBQ with friends or family.

Marcus Leach’s Roasted Pork and Red Pepper Wraps

Steaks with tomato salsa

Warm Autumn salad with chorizo and squash

Sweetcorn and jalapeno fritters

Quick heat up times with gas and electric barbecues

The days are a little shorter and the temperature drops more quickly in the evening than in July, for example. But if you’re planning a last minute BBQ then don’t worry, as with a gas or electric BBQ you don’t have to wait long to reach the right temperature, so you can start right away and enjoy the sunshine while it is still there. The advantage of an electric barbecue is that you can set the temperature exactly and it will be ready to cook on in less than 5 minutes. A gas barbecue has no plug and can be placed anywhere in the garden, allowing you to chase the sun around the garden.

Tips for a late summer BBQ

Are you planning a big BBQ party or evening BBQ? Here are a few tips to ensure the event is a success:

Prepare your food and BBQ kit in advance. Cadac BBQ’s can be set up in just a few minutes so no need to spend all day building the BBQ! Have the BBQ ready to pre-heat for when the guests arrive and you’ll be cooking in no time at all.

Set up a the chimenea or fire pit for when the sun goes down. Not only does this look very cosy, but the fire also gives off heat, which will be welcome by your guests when the temperature drops in the evening after the BBQ has been served. Don’t have one? Blankets will also be welcome!

Do you have a canopy in the garden? Then sit under it, as often the heat from the sun during the day lingers under a canopy so it doesn’t cool down as much in the evening, or prepare the seating area in a sheltered spot, that you can make cosy once the sun goes down.

Do you have any tips for a lovely, long Indian Summer evening? Or do you have any recipes that go well with it? Share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or mail them to hello@cadacuk.com.