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Whether it’s Meat-Free Monday or you want to offer your vegetarian guests something a little different to the norm, there are many ways to liven up your barbecue. Follow these veggie BBQ ideas to keep your vegetarian guests happy and ensure your next veggie barbecue is a satisfying success.

5 Golden rules to make your Veggie BBQ your best yet

1. Veggie burgers, patties and whole vegetables don’t release fats and juices the same way that real meat does, so it’s important to lightly oil the BBQ Grid to avoid sticking and burning

2. Wash non-marinated veggies and pat dry before grilling. Brush them with oil or marinades just before they go on the BBQ

3. Don’t add salt to your veggies before cooking, as it will dry them out too quickly, if you want add a little salt after grilling

4. Stay seasonal – vegetables that are in season give maximum flavour! New potatoes taste even better at this time of year – ramp up the flavour in your potato salad this summer by grilling a few slices before mixing in

5. Smoke and spice – try adding some soaked herbs to your smoker box to inject even more flavour. Rosemary and thyme will add a fantastic aroma and flavour to your veggies

Meat-free and delicious!

Vegetarian barbecuing can be a good opportunity to try some new flavour combos that you might not normally opt for. Packed full of flavour, these tasty options are sure to impress your BBQ guests, even the meat eaters!

  • Cajun Breakfast Hash – Cajun seasoning combined with creamy avocado makes this a great brunch option, or even serve as a side dish to accompany a large BBQ feast
  • Baked Eggs with Chilli and Parmesan – start the day with these simple baked eggs, packed with flavour from the chilli and parmesan cheese. Perfect served with a large chunk of fresh bread for dipping
  • Roasted Mediterranean Tart – a seasonal spotlight, this tart makes the perfect addition to any BBQ or picnic! Flavour in abundance with creamy mozzarella, rich sundried tomato paste and sweet fresh tomatoes

Veggie Burger ideas

Instead of buying pre-made veggie burgers why not try making your own. Why not give one of these a try on your next BBQ:

  • Halloumi burgers – replace the beef burger with thick slices of grilled halloumi drizzled with a sweet chilli sauce and lightly pickled cucumber ribbons for a sweet and salty burger
  • Beetroot burgers – Combine a raw grated beetroot with a handful of chickpeas, feta cheese, mint and some lemon juice for a tasty burger. Shape, dip in some beaten egg and coat in breadcrumbs before grilling
  • Butternut squash and chilli burgers – cut rounds of butternut squash and combine with chilli and garlic oil for a spicy but sweet burger. Top with dressed parsley and rocket leaves and a toasted brioche bun
  • Cheesy bean burgers – combine mashed butter beans with a creamy Lancashire cheese and spring onions and breadcrumb for an oozy, delicious meat alternative. Comfort food at it’s finest!

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