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Winter Barbecuing

True braai enthusiasts will not be put off by a little cold and rain during the winter months! Here are some top tips for year-round barbecuing.

Outdoor cooking can be just as enjoyable in the winter months as long as you are well prepared. With electric heaters, plenty of blankets and lights you can create a cosy atmosphere in an instant. 

You can bake baguettes on the BBQ, make a pot of hot chocolate and heat soup on the barbecue in no time. Plus, with tools such as the I Braai Bluetooth Thermometer you can check the temperature of your meat cooking on the BBQ from inside the house using the dedicated I Braai app. You can actually limit the amount of time spent outdoors!

Top tips for a successful winter BBQ

  • Wrap up warm! However, avoid bulky clothing, scarves and hats with tassels or anything that can get in close contact with the BBQ during cooking.
  • A windbreaker or party shelter will not only help keep guests protected from the elements but also helps keeps the BBQ sheltered from gusts of winds, rain and even snow.  
  • Cooking times can be affected by cold weather, allow time for the BBQ to heat up correctly and remember to keep the lid on to retain heat. Food will cook quicker and you’ll use less gas!  
  • Winter is a great time to experiment with a Smoker Box for a deep smoky flavour – try it with roasts and ingredients for dishes such as chilli and vegetable casseroles.
  • BBQ during Christmas (or New Year’s Eve)! With the recipes on our recipe page, a Christmas dinner is a piece of cake. Don’t forget to hang some cosy Christmas lights!
  • A Winter barbecue isn’t complete without Winter drinks. Heat a pan of mulled wine on the BBQ and the party can begin!

Winter dishes are just as easy to make on a barbecue! Take some inspiration from our recipe section, how about a roasted chicken with vegetables or a lentil and sausage hotpot. Give them a try and don’t forget to invite your friends and family!