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Which BBQ Is Best For Me

Read our top tips on what to consider when you are choosing the right BBQ for you.

Whether it’s for camping and caravanning adventures or at home on the patio for alfresco summer nights, choosing the right barbecue takes a little time and research. 

The options for outdoor cooking are, nowadays, much more extensive than in the past. There are barbecues of all shapes and sizes that will suit your needs perfectly. 

Gas or electric?

The first choice to make is the one between charcoal, gas or electric. 

Charcoal barbecues and camping are not always an ideal combination. Many campsites in the UK and Europe do not allow the use of charcoal barbecues, making gas the most common choice. Some advantages of choosing a Cadac gas BBQ;

  • Convenience – lights at the turn of a button and is hot enough to cook in less than five minutes. The ability to easily adjust your cooking temperature makes it a reliable and precise way of cooking. 
  • Easy-Cleaning – all Cadac modular cooking surfaces can be cleaned with hot soapy water or put into the dishwasher. Additionally, most BBQs in the Cadac range have a removable fat pan, tray or cup, simply lift out and pour away any grease that has collected during cooking.
  • Long Lasting – Cadac gas barbecues offer superior build quality and are backed by two and five year guarantees. Rest assured you will be cooking on your Cadac for many years to come!

For apartment living where fire restrictions limit the use of gas barbecues, the Cadac E Braai with heat-resistant frame, uses mains electricity as the power source. 

Where will you be cooking?

With a range of sizes available, our range will have the perfect BBQ for you to adapt to your needs seamlessly. Think about storing your BBQ and how much space you have. If you’re looking for something to take pride of place in your garden for feeding the masses, our Meridian Built-In range is for you. Our Urban Range, including the electric E Braai, is perfect if you’re looking for a BBQ where you’re short on space but still big on alfresco cooking. Or perhaps you’re looking to invest in a reliable portable barbecue to take away in the caravan, motorhome or tent. Look no further than our range of leisure barbecues. With units cooking from two to ten people there are unlimited options for cooking versatility. 

What cooking options do you need?

Now you’ve chosen your size and range, think about what you want to cook. The Cadac Modular System breaks the boundaries of conventional outdoor cooking, with everything from pizza stones and roasting pans to reversible grills and planchas. 

Cadac barbecues at a glance

The table below gives you an overview of the Cadac range of barbecues at a glace, from size and how many we recommend the unit caters for, to help you choose which BBQ is right for you. 

* Number of cooking options are the number of available cooking surfaces for this type of barbecue, such as a paella pan, pizza stone, BBQ Grill, etc. and does not include pot stands. Cooking diameter shown refers to cooking surface area of the BBQ Grill Top / Thermogrill.