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Top tips to BBQ on a budget this summer

We’re all looking for ways to save money at the moment, but with a few simple tips and some good planning, it really is very easy to BBQ on a budget!

Whether you’re looking for some tricks and hacks or fresh recipe ideas for your next BBQ, read on to find out our top tips for barbecuing on a budget this summer.
  1. Jazz up your bangers and burgers

Burgers and sausages are a staple dish on any British BBQ. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on gourmet varieties to get a mouth-watering meal. If you’re feeding a crowd, making your own burgers could be much cheaper than buying pre-shaped. Play around with store cupboard seasoning to spike it full of flavour – Cajun seasoning, curry powder and Worcestershire sauce will all jazz up a homemade burger. Why not try slicing sausages lengthways and stuffing with caramelised onions and cheddar to make the ultimate hot dog!

  1. Make your own marinades

Marinades and rubs are the best way of injecting flavour to your food, but shop bought ones can be expensive. A lot of the ingredients you’ll already have in the larder so why not try making your own. Take a look at our Key to BBQ Marinades and Rubs blog for some inspiration.

We all love tasty wings, thighs and drumsticks for a more cost effective way of having chicken at a  BBQ feast, but what other meat cuts can you switch up. Beef flank, beef skirt and pork shoulder are all budget friendly – try grilling with dried rosemary and garlic. Whole joints of meat are also more cost-effective, especially if you are barbecuing for a lot of people. Spatchcock chicken is a perfect for a summer BBQ, spiked with lemons and dried thyme. At around £5, it’s a great value meal for 5/6 people.

  1. Avoid using excess fuel

Cadac ceramic grill tops have an integrated heat deflector to deliver rapid heat up times and even heat distribution, reducing gas consumption by 34%. Remember to cook on a low-medium heat setting and keep the lid on to trap heat in – not only will your food taste better for not being cremated but washing up is easier as there’s no burnt-on debris to tackle!

  1. Side dishes to wow guests

There’s nothing new with veggie skewers on the grill, but now that you’re cooking more affordably, it’s time to get even more creative when using veggies at your next BBQ. Roasted beetroot, squash and chickpeas can all be show stopping dishes instead of the dull sides that often get wrapped up as leftovers for the following day. Before grilling your veg, try brushing the veggies with a hint of chilli oil for a spicy kick. Or top with a fresh herb dressing after grilling such as lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and mint.

  1. Tasty toppings can make all the difference

Transform a burger, pork steak or salad with a delicious topping. Here are our three favourites;

Crispy onions – Add a pinch of paprika, salt and pepper to a little cornflour and use to coat finely diced/sliced onion, then fry in a little oil until crispy

Grill thin slices of apple for a sweet addition to a pork chop

Drain and pat dry a tin of chickpeas, then toss in a little oil, chilli powder and paprika then roast – perfect for jazzing up a salad

  1. Don’t forget about dessert!

No BBQ feast is complete without dessert, even on a budget. Instead of buying expensive pre-made desserts from the supermarket, why not try one of these tasty puds:

An old favourite – banana splits are a cheap but delicious dessert cooked on the BBQ. Try drizzling with a little rum and melted butter before grilling

Grilled pineapple topped with mint and a dash of lime juice

Use a Cadac Tapas Dish to make a compote with some frozen berries, add a little sugar and cook until sticky and reduced. Delicious with ice cream!

We hope we have inspired you with a variety of barbecue recipes that you might not have tried yet. There are lots of recipes on our website here.

Happy grilling!