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Safe Use Of A Gas BBQ

Many people who have never barbecued on gas can find it a bit daunting at first. This blog tells you how to use your gas barbecues safely gives some helpful tips & tricks!

Always perform a gas leak test

Performing a gas leak test may appear unnecessary, you’d be able to smell it right?, but the reality is a leak test is the only reliable way to verify that gas is not escaping after you connect it. All you need are a few minutes and some soap and water.

  1. Make sure all control knobs are in the OFF position and the gas cylinder is turned to OFF before testing. Testing should always be done outdoors, in a well-ventilated area and away from ignition sources such as gas-fired or electrical appliances, open flames or sparks.
  2. Smear the connection joints with a soapy water mix. Open the gas supply at the cylinder and check to see if a bubble or bubbles form.
  3. If bubbles appear there is a leak. Turn the gas supply off at the cylinder and check all connections are properly fitted. Re-check with the soapy water, if the leak persists refer to your user manual for further instructions.
  4. If no bubbles appear then the gas leak check is complete.

Frozen cartridges?

Gas cartridges generally work best with an outside temperature of 10-15°C. They can become temperamental when it is very cold outside or when gas consumption is very high. If very fast and / or a lot of gas is used, moisture can form on the outside of the cartridge, which can then freeze. If your gas cartridge feels cold and damp, turn off your barbecue until the cartridge returns to normal temperature. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure your gas bottle / gas cartridge is always in the upright position
  • Gas appliances require ventilation for proper operation; therefore only use your Cadac BBQ outdoors
  • Always perform a gas leak test before lighting your BBQ
  • Always close the gas supply of the gas cylinder first, and then the barbecue
  • Using the Cadac Power Pak? Connect the gas hose before the gas tap is turned on, otherwise the seal could break
  • Use a Quick Release to (dis) connect your gas hose quickly and safely. With this handy connection you simply click the gas hose on / off your BBQ. The Quick Release is also available with a double coupling so that you can easily switch between multiple devices
  • Replace your gas hose and regulator every 5 years or at the first sign of damage