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There’s nothing quite like that BBQ aroma that makes its way around the campsite early evening. It’s the perfect time to break traditional BBQ boundaries – if you’re by the coast try some locally caught fish or pick up delicious and fresh ingredients from local farmers markets.  You might not have your normal kitchen equipment at hand, but with a little creativity cooking at the campsite can still be varied and delicious.

In this blog we will give you a few handy tips to make cooking at a campsite not only easier, but fun! We also share some delicious recipes and which accessories are must haves at the campsite!

5 Tips for making campsite cooking even easier

At the campsite, the lack of kitchen appliances – such as a hob and microwave – often has its charm, but of course it has its limits! With the tips below, cooking at the campsite can be just as easy as cooking at home:

  • Place your BBQ in a cool spot in the shade
  • Find a sheltered spot for cooking that is protected from the wind
  • Bring a (small) cooler box to keep meats and vegetables cold
  • A wok or paella pan for one-pan dishes is a must have!
  • Where you can, pack pre-measured ingredients to save space, such as pancake mixes, salad dressings and herbs in small jam jars or plastic bottles.

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Our must-haves for al fresco cooking made easy are;

  • Chef Pan – use it for virtually everything – bacon and eggs for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch and a delicious stir fry for dinner. Plus it means less washing up!
  • Tapas Dishes – a must-have with any Cadac BBQ! Perfect for tomatoes, beans and pancakes plus warming sauces and creating tasty tapas.
  • Spatulas with heat-resistant handles – sturdy and resistant to the heat from the BBQ
  • Cutting board – non permeable to smell, it’s the ideal board to keep in your campsite kitchen for cutting fresh vegetables and meat
  • Green Grill Brush – makes cleaning the ceramic coated cooking surfaces that bit easier!


If you have access to an electric hook up at the campsite, why not choose an electric BBQ like the E Braai. Safe and easy to use, the barbecue has the advantage of pre-setting the temperature, along with the easy cleaning and modular surfaces benefits you come to expect with a Cadac BBQ.

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Cooking on holiday shouldn’t become a chore. Keep your cooking times to a minimum to ensure you get maximum enjoyment from it. Here are three easy-to-make one-pan dishes  that are ready in no time!

Chicken and Prawn Jambalaya

Beef with Green Peppers and Black Bean Sauce


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Do you have any other tips that make cooking on the campsite easier and fun? Feel free to share them with us via FacebookInstagram or email us!