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Discover Easy Electric Grilling

With apartment living on the rise and tighter restrictions regarding the use of gas and gas barbecues on balconies and terraces, the electric BBQ brings summer sizzling to new heights, quite literally.

If you have a small balcony or (roof) terrace or would rather not barbecue with charcoal or gas, then the electric E Braai barbecue is the ideal choice for you. Simply plug in and you can be grilling within 5 minutes! The temperature can be precisely pre-set and is easily adjustable.

With easy-to-clean electrical heating elements, the E Braai sidesteps restrictions placed on where gas barbecues can be stored and used, which often includes city balconies and terraces. There’s no need to worry about stocking up on fuel either: with the E Braai you’re just a click away from a barbecue whenever you want.

Electric BBQ: Ideal for the Balcony

Working from mains electric, the E Braai is not only an easy but also a very safe way to barbecue, making it a suitable option for balconies. The 2.3kW heat coil provides sufficient power and a fast warm-up time. Thanks to the unique “Spot-on Grilling Technology”, the temperature is measured by a probe that sits directly underneath the BBQ Grid.

Thanks to its small, compact size and light weight, it can be dual purposes- cook outside on the balcony or, thanks for a durable storage bag, it’s also perfect for taking with you on holiday in your caravan or motorhome.

How Do You Clean Your Electric BBQ?

An electric BBQ is quick and easy to clean after use. With Cadac’s E Braai, the removable fat pan lifts out for easy cleaning of both the pan and the tempered glass ring that protects the electric coil from cooking fats and juices. The heating element can be cleaned once in a while with some washing-up liquid and warm water.

Tip: always remove the plug from the socket before you start cleaning your electric BBQ.

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Why Choose The E-Braai

  • Infinite energy source
  • Safe to use, ideal choice for where gas is restricted
  • Suitable for small balconies and roof terraces
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheaper to run than gas and charcoal
  • Modular System compatible – Pizza Stone, Paella Pan or Grill2Braai
  • Limited Product Guarantee