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Celebrate National BBQ Week with your CADAC

It’s that time of year again when we get ready to celebrate National BBQ Week, with the aim of encouraging more people to become BBQ masters as they spend time outdoors and enjoy a sizzling spread.

As BBQ experts we’ve got some top tips and tasty inspiration for you in this blog, to help you enjoy National BBQ Week with minimal effort and without having to spend a fortune.

Why we love National BBQ Week

It gets you outside – whether you’re at the park or just in your back garden. Any excuse to gather people and share a meal outdoors is always welcome.

It brings out the creative in us – experiment with ingredients and flavours! Don’t limit yourself to burgers.

Why should I join in with National BBQ Week?

It’s more than just an expression of the way of cooking. A BBQ is also a social event, a way of life. It brings people together for a celebration of food and friendship.

How can I join in?

Throw a BBQ get-together – whether it’s in your garden or at the beach, a BBQ is always fun. Get the Cadac BBQ out and ask friends to bring drinks for an instant party.

Eat BBQ flavoured snacks – no space or time to BBQ? Load up on BBQ snacks instead, like grilled corn or nachos. Grill a quick sandwich or fry your morning eggs, it doesn’t need to be a plentiful spread to enjoy National BBQ Week 

BBQ on a budget – scour your cupboards for spices and sauces that can liven up any meal. Combine spices to create exciting dry rubs, perfect for pork, chops and steak, while unopened rice packets make a great side dish, simply add finely chopped chillies, grilled peppers and seasoning. Use nuts to add taste and texture to salads and load up on tasty veggies – baked potatoes on the BBQ are delicious.

 Exciting recipes to try

Why not mix up your BBQ game for National BBQ Week. Next time you fire up the Cadac BBQ give one of these tasty recipes a try, you can download and save for later. Just click on the recipe below to view and download the recipe card.

Cajun Chicken Wraps

Mustard & Paprika Chicken

Lamb Steak & Chargrilled Summer Salad

CADAC Dometic and National BBQ Week

Trusted by campers and BBQ enthusiasts for generations, the CADAC name is widely regarded as the UK’s ultimate modular gas BBQ brand. Since its formation in 1948 in Johannesburg, we have been at the forefront of product quality and innovation, offering a wide range of barbecues for all occasions and locations; from terrace, garden and balcony to camping, picnics and boating. We have a wide range of barbecues; camping barbecuesgas barbecuesurban barbecues and electric barbecues that have won many awards over the years.

Whether you are looking for simple tips to make barbecuing a little easier or for a creative recipe, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our other blogs here, and we have a wide range of recipes here, including pizzas, chicken, veggie recipes and more.

Do you have a top tip or great barbecue recipe to share for National BBQ Week? Tag us on social media using #cadac or email us at hello@cadacuk.com