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With a bigger focus on sustainability and healthier lifestyles, we need to be aware of not only the food we eat but the cookware we use to prepare it.

At CADAC Dometic we live for the outdoors, and we want to ensure that future generations can enjoy it as much as we do. Which is why since 2017 we have only sold and manufactured grid plates with our eco-friendly GreenGrill coating.


GreenGrill is a ceramic coating that is completely PFOA-free making it environmentally friendly and non-toxic!

• Environmentally friendly

• Heathier cooking

• Durable

• Easy to clean

• Less gas consumption

CADAC’s GreenGrill ceramic coating is harder wearing and more scratch-resistant than traditional non-stick coatings. Most traditional non-stick coatings contain PTFE, also known as Teflon. CADAC GreenGrill is made of organic materials and is therefore PTFE and PFOA-free. No toxic substances are released during baking and grilling, which is of course better for your health, not to mention the environment.

The CADAC GreenGrill coating also retains and distributes heat better than PTFE, resulting in lower gas consumption. For the best experience with your GreenGrill ceramic cooking surface, only cook on low to medium heat settings with a short pre-heat time of 2-3 minutes!


Before first using your GreenGrill cooking surface, it is a good idea to season the surface. Seasoning provides the surface with a thin protective layer, which makes the food less likely to stick during cooking. Follow the tips below to season your Cadac GreenGrill cooking surface:

* Rub some sunflower or peanut oil into the cooking surface. These oils have a higher burning point and are therefore more suitable for cooking with than olive oil, for example.

* Place the cooking surface on low/medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes.

* Allow to cool down, then wash with warm soapy water.

To use your GreenGrill cooking surface, always use on a low/medium heat – high temperatures are not required and will not only cause damage to the cooking surface, but also increase your gas consumption. Pre-heat for just 2-3 minutes and then you are ready to cook!

Some top tips below for looking after your GreenGrill ceramic grid or pan:

* Allow meat or fish to come to room temperature first before you start grilling, this way it is less likely to stick to the cooking surface.

* We recommend using oils such as sunflower rapeseed for cooking with because of their high smoke point. Avoid olive oil for grilling as it has a very low burning point, and when the oil burns it creates a sticky coating which is very difficult to remove.

* Avoid using low calorie spray oils which can cause food to stick to the pan. These creates a tacky residue across the ceramic coating which is very difficult to remove from the ceramic coating.

 * Always use silicone and/or wooden kitchen utensils so that the GreenGrill coating does not get damaged. Never use metal utensils, this can damage the coating.


After you’ve enjoyed a delicious BBQ feast, it’s time to clean up. With the GreenGrill coating, this becomes an easy job. After barbecuing, you should first let the barbecue cool down. Extreme temperature changes can cause deformation and thermal shock to the GreenGrill ceramic cooking surface. The CADAC GreenGrill coating is ‘Easy Clean’. Washing with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or brush should be sufficient for cleaning the grid surface. Be careful, do not use an abrasive sponge or steel wool. For even simpler cooking, use the CADAC Soft Soak. Ideal for stubborn or burnt-on food, simply add hot soapy water and the Grid upside down and soak overnight.

Dry the GreenGrill ceramic surfaces with a soft cloth and you are done!

If the cooking surface is not cleaned properly and proteins left behind from food, these will become burnt onto the surface causing brown spots which will also cause food to stick during cooking. The burnt areas can become very difficult to clean or remove without damaging the GreenGrill ceramic coating. Therefore, it is important to make sure the surface is cleaned properly, and all bits of debris removed before next use.


Following cleaning of your Cadac Dometic GreenGrill BBQ Grids we recommend lightly coating the grid surface with a few drops of oil using kitchen paper to ensure an even coating. Always store the grid in the supplied storage bag to help protect the GreenGrill coating from getting damaged.

We hope these tips help! If you have a top tip to share about your Cadac GreenGrill cooking surface email it to us via hello@cadacuk.com.