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Cadac & The Ply Guys

Built for adventure

The last year has seen an influx in campervan conversions. For many it was a great lockdown project but as any camper will tell you, clever storage is key. We’ve joined forces with the team at The Ply Guys to bring you some great tips and inspiration, plus an exclusive competition to win one of their key pieces of camper kit – a Cadac 2 Cook 2 Pro Deluxe! Read on to find out more.

Designed & built by hand at their farm on the banks of Loch Lomond and fully tested in the Scottish outdoors, The Ply Guys are setting the standard for UK adventurists and outdoor enthusiasts with their unique range of innovative, eco-friendly, campervan furniture and Cadac are going along for the ride! After trying pretty much everything on the market, the team found Cadac always come out on top, saying the 2 Cook 2 Pro Deluxe is reliable and so easy to use, plus the cooking options are endless. That’s why it made sense to create an awesome range of versatile campervan furniture and kitchen pods that works perfectly with it!


 “We started The Ply Guys due to a lack of genuinely inventive, fit for purpose campervan furniture for people who actually use their vans the way we did. We needed room for bikes, boards, skis dogs and the kitchen sink plus still have room to live, cook and chill. We were fed up with the usual layouts and products so we set out to change things up!”

“Over the last 18 months we’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of people enjoying their vans and exploring what the UK has to offer and the feedback has been great, we’re so excited to be able to provide our customers with campervan furniture that looks good and really works.”

When you’re on holiday, be at the beach, the campsite or in the mountains, BBQ food is the easiest and favourite way to enjoy dining outside. Especially as you have little space inside the van for cooking kit and ingredients. However this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being adventurous with your cooking! Here are some tips to get you going on the culinary road.

Prep and pack!

Small zip-lock bags and containers are great for taking just enough flavours and seasonings with you, without taking up too much space. Mix together smoked paprika, cumin and cayenne pepper and you have a readymade taco seasoning – just add freshly bought fish, chicken or steak from your location. A couple of glugs of oil in a small container is all you need for a trip away and takes up less space than a full bottle.

Multi-purpose tin foil!

Using tin foil is a great camping cooking tip. Use to create parcels to steam fish with lemon slices or add soaked wood chips and use as a DIY smoker.

Head over to The Ply Guys INSTAGRAM page this Easter to find out how you can win a Cadac 2 Cook 2 Pro Deluxe stove, or find them on FACEBOOK or www.theplyguys.co.uk!