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Having trouble getting burgers, steaks and food on the BBQ to cook perfectly? Is figuring out whether to cook with the lid on or off feeling more like rocket science? Then this is the blog for you!

It may seem like something of an art but once you’ve got the basics nailed down, you’ll never experience dry or overcooked BBQ food again.


With the exception of the Braai Range, Cadac barbecues are designed for lid-on cooking. This not only helps controls the temperature beneath the dome lid but also means your food is juicier and cooks faster, saving you both time and fuel. As the heat rises from the burner to the top of the barbecue, the lid traps and reflects the heat back down, circulating around the food, ensuring even cooking and locking in that juicy, smoky flavour.

Regardless of cooking with gas or the electric E Braai, keeping the lid on is the key to getting tender, juicier, and fall-off-the bone meat. Whether you are cooking on a low or medium heat, applying direct or indirect cooking methods, keeping the lid on the BBQ is the key to success.


No matter what type of BBQ you have, flare ups can occur. When these are minimal and controlled, they can really enhance the flavour of your food. As the fat/oils from your meat drip onto the flames, they ignite or flare. These flare ups add a burst of intense heat and smoky flavour that we crave from barbecuing. However too much fat dripping on to large flames can cause flare ups to occur too often, resulting in meat burning and overcooking on the outside while still raw or undercooked on the inside. Cooking with the lid-on can reduce the amount of flare ups because there is less air venting to ignite the fat dripping onto the flame.


Rather than cooking by a timer or constantly prodding and cutting into meat to check it, think about investing in a meat thermometer. This is the most accurate way to check if your food is cooked all the way through. No more overcooking steaks, burgers, kebabs, and it also prevents you from undercooking food, resulting in perfect BBQ food every time you grill.

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