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How To Clean Your Cadac BBQ

Cleaning the BBQ is a job that – let’s be honest – we do not look forward to! But like everything else, it deserves a little maintenance once in a while. 

This blog will give you some handy tips to make cleaning your barbecue easy and keep your BBQ in great condition all year round. 

5 top tips for cleaning your BBQ

  • Clean after every use – it takes less time and prevents the risk of a flare up due to grease build ups
  • Only use the Cadac BBQ Cleaner for the enamel parts of your BBQ
  • Cover your Cadac with a suitable BBQ Cover to protect the barbecue from debris and dust
  • Add a little water to the trough of the removable fat pans on certain Cadac barbecues to make cleaning easy and help prevent flare ups
  • Don’t overheat the GreenGrill ceramic cooking surfaces and let meat seal before turning, that way you won’t be left with charred remains to scrub off!

How do I clean my BBQ grill and cooking surfaces?

The Cadac Easy Clean System ensures you spend less time cleaning and more time cooking. Our ceramic modular cooking surfaces can all be cleaned with ease; simply wipe down with warm soapy water or pop straight into the dishwasher. 

Don’t use abrasive cleaners on the ceramic cooking surfaces or metal utensils and tools, as this can cause damage the ceramic coating. Instead use wooden, nylon or silicone tools and non-abrasive cleaning cloths and cleaners. For any stubborn debris or charred food remains on your barbecue, try the Cadac GreenGrill Brush for your ceramic cooking surfaces and the BBQ Cleaner is ideal for all chrome and enamel parts such as the dome lids, Roast Pan and Skottel Top. 

Cleaning stainless steel barbecues

CADAC’s Meridian Built-In units have a front access removable drip tray, which simply slides out for cleaning and the Thermogrills and Flame Tamers just lift out for easy cleaning in hot soapy water. To clean the stainless-steel lids, use clean water and a soft cloth for light cleaning. Lightly coating with baby oil or vegetable oil will protect the stainless steel and help with surface rust.

More information about cleaning

If you have any other questions about cleaning your Cadac BBQ or perhaps a golden cleaning tip you’d like to share with us, please contact us by email at hello@cadacuk.com.