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Which Gas Can I Use?

Cadac low pressure barbecues can be powered through a range of different gas supply options. This handy guide takes you through all the options available to you to run your Cadac BBQ.

Our LP (low pressure) barbecues run off either Butane or Propane, which regulates between 28 mBar and 37 mBar, which are the UK legal limits, and the two most mainstream and widely used gasses.

Regulating your gas supply is as easy as buying a regulator that matches your gas bottle. Simply match your regulator to your gas supply, attach a hose with jubilee clips to either the Handwheel Assembly or Quick Release Coupling and the barbecue will run.

Power Pak Supply

When you are camping, caravanning and motor homing it is important to carry as little luggage and weight as possible and the more space that can be saved the better. Therefore a popular lightweight option is using the Mixed Threaded Cartridges or Bayonet Cartridges. 

Considered to be the most portable gas option, the cartridges are also cheap and disposable, making them a popular option. These cartridges are mixed, meaning that they contain both Butane and Propane, and are fitted with a standard EN417 threaded self-sealing safety valve.

There are three main ways in which cartridges can be used to power your barbecue.

  • The Trio Power Pak – using 3 x 227g bayonet cartridges you get approx. 7 hours of gas feed for a leisure BBQ
  • Using 2 x 500g threaded cartridges, the Dual Power Pak gives approx. 10 hours gas feed for a leisure BBQ
  • The Threaded Cartridge Regulator uses 1 x 500g threaded cartridge and gives 4/5 hours gas feed for a leisure BBQ

External hook up

If you have a camper, caravan or motorhome with an external hook up you can connect your barbecue to it – all you need is a suitable gas hose. Cadac offers three size gas hoses 1.5m, 3m and 5m  – which can be used on the outside connection. With the Quick Release you simply click the hose onto the connection of your motorhome or caravan. 

Refillable gas bottle

If you’re not short on space when travelling or intend on regularly using your BBQ at home in the garden or on the terrace, opt for a refillable gas bottle. Any type of Butane or Propane bottle is appropriate (Weight by kg). 

To maximise safety, from 2021 all Cadac cylinder regulators are now factory fitted with a crimped 85cm hose and quick release (QR) fittings. The added safety feature Excess Flow Valve (EFV) comes as standard. EFV is an automatic hose safety feature that cuts off 90% of gas flow if the hose is compromised or a leak detected. The QR fitting acts to stop gas flow if a joint is disconnected from the BBQ. 

Safari Chef 30 HP

The Safari Chef 30 HP is the only high pressure BBQ that Cadac offers. This HP BBQ works directly on a threaded gas cartridge. You can easily screw this under the device and start barbecuing right away!