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Non Stick Skottel Liner


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  • Non-stick Skottel Liner
  • For use with Cadac Skottel Top
  • Easy Clean
  • Reusable Double Sided
  • Healthier Cooking - No Oils Needed
Product Code: 8631


Make your Skottel Top non-stick with the reusable Skottel Liner. The non-stick liner works without the use of cooking fats and oils, so food can be cooked perfectly and healthily. Ideal for all types of cooking; breakfasts, stir frys, grilling meats, curries and pasta.

After use, the liner can be cleaned by simply rinsing with hot water or in a dishwasher. Both sides of the liner can be used. To ensure a longer lifespan, the use of wooden or plastic cooking utensils is suggested.

The cooking liner is intended for use on the Cadac Skottel Top and is not to be used on an open grill or in direct contact with an open fire, heating elements or burners.

Additional information

Unpackaged Weight 0.1 kg
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 550 × 150 × 3 mm
Unpackaged Dimensions 470 x 470 x 1 mm

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